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Leverage technology to streamline your data collection, approval workflows and response processes - so you can focus on your most impactful activities and drive improvements.

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Decrease response time to sustainability-related requests by 50% or more

Master any type of sustainability request in one central place

Easily import and consolidate all sustainability-related requests into one unified view, regardless of the format. Sunhat's smart answer suggestions saves hours of your valuable time by automatically pulling the best answers from your past responses, so you can focus on the things that matter.

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Easy import & export
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Framework guidance
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Up-to-date sustainability answers at your fingertips

Never look for sustainability answers in the wrong places again. Sunhat's Answer Library is the central hub for all your sustainability answers. Automated workflows for collecting, reviewing and approving sustainability evidence make sure that your answers are kept up-to-date and audit-ready at all times.

Evidence tasks
Freshness score
Smart categorization

Leverage existing sustainability data from any place within and beyond your organization

Keep track of all your important sustainability indicators and documents in Sunhat. Plug in to your existing systems and set up data collection workflows to disclose accurate and audit-ready sustainability metrics at all times.

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Data collection
Document history

Sunhat saves you hours of valuable time every day

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Goodbye to manual tasks and spreadsheets

Sunhat is your central workbench for managing sustainability-related requests. Stop spending hours with manual operational tasks and spreadsheets - focus your valuable time on activities that drive impact.

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(Sustainability) context is king

Manage relevant context that makes your sustainability data meaningful to accurately report progress. Maintain your sustainability evidence in one place and get notified whenever your answers need to be updated and verified.

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Meaningful data at the drop of a hat

Insights into your sustainability data are extremely valuable. Meet your stakeholders' expectations and provide them with the sustainability information they need. Capitalize on sustainability data for future audits and continuously advance your strategy.

Sunhat integrates with existing processes, systems, and data across and beyond your organization.

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