Answer your sustainability requests confidently, at the drop of a hat.

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Sustainability compliance, automated.

Sustainability requirements are always shifting, which makes it difficult to comply with requests from external stakeholders - especially your customers (and even your future customers). That’s why we’ve created Sunhat, an easy-to-use software platform that scales your sustainability program to automate compliance with outside requirements.

For businesses with a mission for tomorrow, Sunhat makes it effortless to explain - and verify - the actions you’re already taking, and to decide what to do next. Future-proof your business, try on the hat today.

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One hat, many benefits.

Free up your resources,
by answering your customers' sustainability questionnaires in no time

Grow your business,
by complying with your stakeholders' sustainability requirements

Build trust in your business,
by sharing verified sustainability data and evidence with any stakeholder

Why Sunhat?

An all-in-one platform

Continuously monitor your sustainability program, verify related actions and manage your requests in one place.

Goodbye square one

Up-to-date templates help you get ready in days and quickly adopt the latest sustainability requirements.

Happy stakeholders

Answer any requests collaboratively and share
audit-ready evidence with your stakeholders.

How Sunhat works.


Create and govern your sustainability policies to ensure organizational accountability


Connect your policies with sustainability actions across and beyond your organization


Control, improve and automate your processes to monitor sustainability governance

Put the hat on it.

"Sunhat makes it extremely easy for us to effectively automate the processing of customer requests while improving our overall compliance."

FMCG Supplier

"For us, Sunhat is an important part of customer retention and acquisition - especially because climate change and biodiversity mean that agriculture has to be rethought."

International Agriculture Company

"Building our sustainability compliance stack with Sunhat was a major game-changer for the way that our business is able to sell into Enterprise clients."

Pharma Supplier

Making sustainability, sustainable.

Sustainability is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s every company, no matter what industry you’re in, taking incremental steps to continuously improve your impact on people and planet — sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

Our job is to support you on your journey to a continuous sustainability program, built to comply with the rising level of outside requirements and your very own standards. Together, we’ll keep iterating and moving forward. Taking steps that seem small today, but will add up into a giant leap tomorrow.

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